Three Ways to Get a Sale for Your New Website

Sale for Your New Website

After several weeks of preparation, your new web store has gone online. Now you’re faced with this challenge—getting your first sale.  It would be easier to make a sale if your business has been existing at some time, like a brick and mortar store that had expanded online.
Yet things are different for new entrepreneurs who’ve just put up their own online stores. It can really be difficult to get that first sale.  Here are some tips to get you started:

Start your own blog to make a sale

Blogging is not only a way for people to express themselves. For online entrepreneurs, it’s a must to have a blog because it’s one way to entice people to visit the site regularly even if they’re not inclined to buy anything yet.
Blogging can also help your site to rank highly on search engines. When a prospective customer looks for products online, your site stands to have a greater chance of being seen by that person.

Build an email subscription list

Another major part of your online content strategy that you should focus on is email marketing. As such, learn how you to  build your email list as this can yield that one individual or party who’ll make the first purchase from your site.

Once you’ve built up your email list, you can start priming your prospective clients by creating a drip campaign. Start by sending them a welcome message then follow it up with promotional emails. Just make sure that you don’t spam their inboxes.
Consumers may not be going to your website everyday but they’ll likely be checking your emails. Offer them something on discount and you could be getting your first sale soon.

Tap social influencers to help you make a sale

One of the top trends in online marketing is influencer marketing, or tapping the so-called social influencers. These are people who have a significant following on social media, with high engagement rates but reasonably priced pay rates.

Send your products to these social media darlings. For a few hundred dollars, you can expose your products to a bigger audience. Hopefully, this can translate to a sale in the coming days.