Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malware and Hacks

Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malware and Hacks

Detect Malware and Hacks Easily With These 5 Best WordPress Security Scanners

In order to be sure that your WordPress website is secure from the malware and hacks, it is extremely necessary to have a good Security Scanner to thoroughly check that for you.

Best Security Scanners

The following is a list of some of the best security scanners for your WordPress website:

1. Google Safe Browsing:

Billions of URLs are supervised by Google safe browsing. Its function is to mark the unsafe URLs when it is suspected to harm a computer by its malware. Thus, you can easily avoid the websites that are marked unsafe.
In case your website is marked unsafe, any person who visits your website will be warned beforehand, this might spoil the reputation of your website.

2. WPScans:

This security scanner scrutinizes your WordPress website against the indexed vulnerabilities stored in its system. If your website is found with any such suspicious code, it would notify you instantly by displaying understandable results.
Its functions also include the detection of the WordPress version, the .txt files, and the plugins which are installed.

3. Sucuri SiteCheck:

Sucuri is the number one security service for the WordPress websites. The SiteCheck tool enables an absolute check of your website and scanning for any suspicious element, code, or activity.
It is better than others as it not only scans the URL you enter but also scans the URLs linked to the particular URL you entered. Thus, it makes your website safe and secure.

4. IsItWP Security Scanners:

This is yet another security scanner powered by Sucuri. It provides a thorough scanning of your website with a step-by-step procedure to ensure firm security on your WordPress website.

5. Wprecon Security Scanners:

It is a simple and smart security scanner available for the WordPress websites. It detects updates for your WordPress and examines your plugins and other files for any possible malware.


These were a few best security scanners available for the WordPress users to make their websites more secure and authentic. You can use them anytime to prevent your website from getting hacked or disrupted.