How to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog Posts

How to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog Posts

Increase Social Shares on Your Blog Posts – Here’s How!

The most crucial step for a blogger is to make people read his/her blog. Once you are done writing your blog post, the main hurdle that stands in your way is how to attract the interest of the readers and compel them to share it further. Being able to get social shares is the best solution to it. Let’s check out how to get more social shares on your blog posts.

Factors That Affects Social Shares

The following are a few tips that might help you increase social shares on your blog posts:

  • The Content:

The quality of the content of your blog post plays a very important role in increasing the social shares. It should be engaging and easy to understand at the same time. Add appropriate keywords and try enhancing the ranking of your posts by the content you write. A better SEO ranking would give more traffic and more shares to your posts.

  • Using Various Plugins for Social Shares:

Another successful way of increasing social shares on your blog posts is by installing a social share plugin to it that facilitates a taskbar displaying the sharing options to the readers. Using the plugin can help you a lot as the readers can easily share the posts to any social media platform from wherever he/she is reading it. The most used plugin for this purpose is ‘AddThis’ plugin.

  • Share Your Posts Yourself:

The basic popularity of your blog posts starts with you. Don’t hesitate in sharing your post with as many people as possible. Add attractive and interactive taglines and hashtags to make it more interesting. Ask the people to share it further and even use plugins to put up a “share it” banner on your post.

  • The Visuals:

Adding more pictures, animations, videos, and other attractive visual components would definitely increase the stay time of the visitors on your website. It’d make the post more interactive and eye-pleasing, which would ultimately help in increasing the social shares on your website.


Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, you can easily avail more social shares on your blog posts, thus making it more popular.