Check Out These 5 Best WordPress Courses for Beginners

Check Out These 5 Best WordPress Courses for Beginners

5 Best WordPress Courses for Beginners

Don’t panic or get confused when you enter the wide and diverse world of WordPress. It might be a little confusing for you as a beginner because there are plenty of options to use. Thus, there are many good WordPress courses available on the internet that will make you a pro at using the application for making some amazing websites. Let’s check out a few such WordPress courses below:

WordPress Courses for Beginners

Here is a list of the 5 best WordPress courses for beginners that will definitely help you in becoming a WordPress expert:

1. WordPress 101: The Basics by WP101:

This course is extremely popular amongst the beginners. It provides all the basic necessary guidance and information regarding the features and plugins. It also makes the users aware of a few advanced settings of the website. The first 8 tutorial videos are free of cost. The other 12 can be accessed by paying a fee of $24.

2. WordPress Quick Start Course by WP Apprentice:

The course is provided by WP Apprentice. It is free of cost course and consists of 20 videos. These videos will teach you simple basics and provide you with a quick introduction of WordPress. It is one of the most used WordPress Courses online.

3. WordPress Courses at

Various WordPress courses are provided by These courses aim at providing solutions and training for a specific subject. They provide plenty of information at extremely reasonable costs.

4. WordPress Development by Treehouse:

This is a course provided by Treehouse. The course provides inside-out thorough information about each and everything present on WordPress website for your use.

5. Complete WordPress Training for Beginners by Udemy:

This course by Udemy is free of cost and provides comprehensive basic information about WordPress and how to make a website on it. It provides a perfect framework for the overall functioning of the website.


These courses have been serving excellent quality content to their users and have been providing guidance and training to the beginners on WordPress. These different WordPress courses can be used to master the website and to make the most of its features.