Using Quizzes for Email Marketing Campaigns

Using Quizzes for Email Marketing Campaigns

Online marketers are always on the lookout for the most effective means of reaching out to their target audiences in hopes of boosting their sales. And one of the emerging trends in email marketing is the use of quizzes.

But how can online marketers use quizzes as part of their online marketing strategy? Here are some pointers to get started:

Choosing quiz title for email marketing

The title of a quiz can be very crucial in email marketing campaigns.  Being the first thing that target audiences see, it should be challenging and interesting. For example, the integration of the word ‘actually’ in a title can make a quiz sound challenging to its target recipients.

Titles that ask are also very useful. One classic example is the title “Which ___ are You?” as this plays on the inquisitive nature of humans. Even the use of personality quizzes which associate celebrities to personalities would work in as far as getting the attention of the target audience.

Crafting quiz questions for email marketing

After choosing a title, the next step is to craft the quiz questions. In creating questions, it is imperative for online marketers to inject their personalities. This can breathe some life into the quiz and make it interesting to the participants. The questions should sound as if the creator of the quiz is talking directly to the audience.

The use of images is equally important. While there is nothing wrong with using text-only questions, the use of picture can keep things interesting. It can also make the quiz appear more like a trivia game.

Being open about the email marketing purpose

Audiences should know about the purpose of the email marketing campaign. A good rule of thumb is to tell the audience that the quiz is part of an email marketing campaign, and that the next step is getting their contact information. Being honest with the audience will go a long way towards building trust with the target market.