Shopify Advantages Every Online Merchant Should Know

Shopify Advantages Every Online Merchant Should Know

Shopify has become the leading e-commerce platform for online merchants. With more than 600,000 clients worldwide, it offers features that an online store need such as shop design, product management, inventory, and payments.

The company was established in 2006 after friends Tobias Lutke (who now serves as its chief executive officer), Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake developed their own software to sell snowboards online.

Shopify offers tons of benefits for online entrepreneurs. These include:

Shopify Advantage #1: Affordability

Shopify is one of the most cost-effective online solutions for firms and individuals wanting to have their own online stores. For a relatively low monthly fee, Shopify helps these entities to have their online stores up and running.

Shopify Advantage #2: Secure and reliable

In an age where customers have become more wary of giving their information such as credit card details to online merchants,Shopify helps Internet-based entrepreneurs to deal with sensitive customer information. Shopify provides systems necessary for encrypting all data and passing it through secure connection. It also takes care of the PCI compliance which is required when dealing with credit card payments.

Shopify Advantage #3: Customer support

Shopify provides 24/7 customer support. Online merchants can expect quick response time to their concerns, which is very important especially to start-ups. Shopify customer support has different channels such as web chat, email, and phone. Moreover, there are tons of forums and documentation available in the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Advantage #4: Customizable

Online merchants know how important it is to build a visually-appealing online store. Moreover, there is also the need to have an online store that can be customized according to the branding of an enterprise.With Shopify Theme Store, there are hundreds of themes to choose from. Some themes are available for free while others are for a premium.