Different Bitcoin Plugins for WordPress

Different Bitcoin Plugins for WordPress

To say that Bitcoin is booming would be an understatement. Since the creation of the virtual currency in 2009, Bitcoin blockchain has reached more than 185 GB in size as of the end of September 2018. There was also a case of a Bitcoin purchase worth $400 million.

This virtual currency is now widely used that online merchants are exploring the possibility of accepting bitcoins as payments for the goods they sell. Fortunately for them, there is no shortage of tools for this purpose.

WordPress is one of the more popular online platforms for websites. The following are some of the available Bitcoin plug-ins on WordPress.

Bitcoin Plugins #1: Digital Playbox

This is a premium WordPress plugin for selling digital goods. It creates a paybox that allows consumers to choose their payment portal, including BitPay. Customers then submit their email address to finalize the order. It is a good option for monetizing a non-profit sit as there’s the option to set minimum prices and gives customers the opportunity to donate more as they wish.

Bitcoin Plugin #2: Easy Digital Downloads

Here’s another plugin for WordPress that allows users to set up their payment gateways.  The plugin can be downloaded for free although users can also set up other payment gateways such as BitPay by getting the premium version.

Bitcoin Plugin #3: GoURL

Unlike the previous Bitcoin plugin, this one does offer Bitcoin payment gateway without users having to pay for a premium account. It is wholly dedicated to users wanting to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

Bitcoin Plugin #4: Mollie Payments

One of the concerns of mobile merchants regarding plugins is that these can affect security and performance of their websites. With Mollie Payments, it is possible to install all popular payment options into one. This plugin includes PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, and Bitcoin payments.