Marketing tactics for driving website traffic and improving sales

Marketing tactics for driving website traffic and improving sales

Online merchants naturally wish for increased traffic and sales for their e-commerce stores. As the online marketplace becomes more and more competitive, it has become crucial for online merchants to employ marketing tactics to boost traffic to their websites and hike their sales and revenues.

If you are one of those merchants aiming to make the most out of your business, try implementing one of these tactics:

Marketing tactic 1: Conduct email campaigns

Email marketing is not dead. According to a recent survey participated by business-to-business marketers, email marketing is the most effective way of generating more revenues.

But it’s not enough to capture tons of email addresses; you have to engage your clients with regular emails. And there are numerous occasions for sending emails. When a customer signs up your services, you can send a welcome email which has the highest open rates among marketing email types.  You can also regularly send newsletters to inform your customers of product tips, discounts or company news.

Marketing tactic 2: Reduce cart abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts represent potential revenue that’s lost. A recent survey revealed that nearly 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned before being completed. One of the best ways to address this problem is to conduct an email recovery campaign. You can send an email to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts to convince them to complete their purchase. You may offer a discount or free shipping.

Marketing tactic 3: Improving web design

It’s no secret that customers are attracted to well-designed and responsive websites. If your online store is  badly designed, then don’t be surprised that you are losing customers.

Keep in mind that the average Internet user has an attention span of 8 seconds or less.  As such, your website should be appealing to them. Start by cutting down on long content and removing stocky images.Your website should also have follow and share buttons to maximize its growth potential on social media.