Add a Simple Payment Widget Anywhere on Your Site

Add a Simple Payment Widget Anywhere on Your Site

Introducing the Simple Payment Widget

The moment “Simple Payment Button” got launched, we have been eagerly waiting for more new ways that can streamline WordPress payments. Finally, our search has ended as WordPress has introduced a variant of the Simple Payment Button available to the premium users of WordPress as well as the subscribers of the business plan. This Payment Widget is also accessible to the jetpack plugin users.
With the help of this new payment widget, you can add an option of ‘quick payment’ on the sidebar of your WordPress. You can even have it displayed in the footer section of the WordPress/Jetpack website. Note that if you are functioning on site having Jetpack installed, the version should at least be 6.3.3 or more.

How to Enable the Payment Widget?

To enable this widget, go to “customizer”, head to the personalize option and select customize>widgets. You will have the option to choose from an existing payment widget or to create your own personalized simple payment button and add it to your preferred place.

Benefits of the Payment Widget

By inculcating the simple payment button you can manage all your products straight from the customizer. You can incorporate images, alter/set prices, list the product description, and can do much more.

You can create multiple payment options and then pick them whenever you prefer. Any payment button you make using the customizer will be instantaneously available for use anywhere on the entire website.


In a nutshell, the new payment widget will simplify your dealings on We did our thorough research to bring to your knowledge about the best option for payments on WordPress. We really hope you enjoy using this smart feature and make the best use of this widget. Give us your feedback or suggestions about this post in the comment section below. In case, you find any bugs or run into a query, head to the support documentation page of WordPress or simply contact the WordPress support for further assistance.