Sharing Options from WordPress to Facebook Have Changed

Sharing Options from WordPress to Facebook Have Changed

Sharing Options from to Facebook Have Changed

Facebook has introduced a slight alteration to their platform. This change will impact your sharing options from your WordPress site to your Facebook account. So we wanted to keep you updated with this change.

The Change in Sharing Options

With effect from 1st Aug’18, Facebook has introduced a change which restricts third-party tools to automatically share posts on your Facebook account. This change of sharing options includes Publicize. For those of you who are clueless, Publicize is a tool used by jetpack and WordPress sites to connect your site to platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The chances that this change will affect your sharing options depend on whether you’ve linked your Facebook account to your WordPress website or not. If your site is not linked or connected to your Facebook profile, then Publicize will no longer work to make your sharing options easy.

Other Sharing Options

If you don’t want this change to alter your sharing options and you still want your followers on Facebook to view your WordPress posts, then there are the following two ways to approach the situation:

  • You can manually publish the link of your WordPress post on your Facebook status to allow your followers to view the content published.
  • Or, you can change from having a Facebook profile to having a Facebook Page. You can convert your convert into a page. This is excellent if you want to build your brand and business. However, it does not suit everyone.


While the change in Facebook sharing options may come as a surprise, Publicize is still functional for the rest of your social media. If you have concerns about this new feature of Facebook, you can head to the community section on your Facebook profile and ask for an enquiry. You never know, the mass support of WordPress and Facebook users may even bring Publicize back to Facebook.