5 Expert Tips That You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

5 Expert Tips That You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

5 Expert Tips that I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

It takes a lot of time and efforts to become a blogging expert. But once you do, you realize the silly mistakes you committed when you were just beginning out. Here I share some expert tips for avoiding the same mistakes I made as an amateur blogger:

1. Choose The Right Platform:

It might seem like a simple choice between many options, but the blogging platform you choose will have lasting impacts on your growth. WordPress is the most popular one right now, but there are many others that provide interesting features that might suit you better.

2. Choose Your Domain Wisely:

Two irreversible things cause a lot of regrets – permanent tattoos and stupid domain names. Hence, find the domain name that is both unique and relevant to your content, while having a vision for the future. The same caution must be paid while choosing the domain extension.

3. Expert Tips to Maintain Backups:

Not everything online is always safe until you take care of its safety. That’s a mistake I made, and it cost me a lot. Cyber-attack, server hardware failure or domain expiry can all contribute in permanent loss of data. So, two important expert tips are keeping your site safe and regularly creating backups of your site, preferably stored separately.

4. Expert Tips to Get a Pro Email:

One of the common expert tips is that you cannot act like a professional if you still use your personal email on your blog. As a part of creating a sincere image and to keep professional life separate from personal, choose an email with a handle and domain that reflects on your company’s objectives.

5. Build Email Lists:

Amateur bloggers often focus primarily on getting views and push mundane tasks like building emails lists back. Needless to say, it is a big mistake. Building mailing lists from the beginning would only help you grow faster and incorporate a useful skill early.

Of course, there are many more things that you should know as a new blogger. However, these expert tips would be sufficient for you to get going.