Imaginative Ways to Add Maps to WordPress

Imaginative Ways to Add Maps to WordPress

4 Great Ways to Add Maps to your WordPress Blog

When looking to make your WordPress blog standout, you can always find ways to add maps on your webpage. Many people underestimate the potential of maps to just navigation. However, there are several plugins available in WordPress that can help you add maps into your business thus creating more value to your blog.
Following is a list of 4 imaginative ways you can incorporate maps into your WordPress:

1. Add Maps to the Homepage:

Place maps at the very centre of your homepage and assemble all necessary info all around it. Anybody who has an influence globally, be it philanthropists, servers etc, can incorporate this idea into their website. It will seem very indicative of your global presence.

2. Display Travels on Your Blog:

If your theme revolves around travelling and you have a travel blog then your business can benefit greatly from adding maps. It can be used in a way of taking your readers on a virtual tour around the entire website. You can share info about all your adored spots and places or places that inspire you.

3. Become a Store Locator:

Are you a company that has a chain of stores across the globe or at multiple locations around? If yes, then you can benefit from adding this feature to your blog. You can do this by highlighting or pinpointing the location of these stores.

4. Parking Slots:

If your business is located at a place which is usually busy and crowded, then try incorporating maps on your website. This can help your visitors find a parking slot and will definitely make your website user-friendly and interactive.


Maps are more than just a utility. If you play your cards right, you can be creative with it. So think innovative and find ways to add maps to your blog and utilize its full potential.