Four digital marketing tool and apps you should be using now

Four digital marketing tool and apps you should be using now

Everyone and everything is going digital. Conglomerates, medium-sized firms, and small businesses are now on the Internet promoting and selling their stuff. If you’re a small business owner who’s trying to refine your digital marketing efforts, here are some of the digital marketing tools that you should be using more:

Digital marketing tool 1: Copyscape

Creating original and engaging content is at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. To be successful online, you need to produce and publish original and quality content. To check your content and ensure that it is not plagiarized from other websites, then you should use the leading online content checker, Copyscape.

Digital marketing tool 2: Sharethrough

Content may be king in digital marketing but headlines are equally important. According to surveys, 80 percent of Internet users read headlines but only 20 percent actually read the entire article.

This underscores the need to create attractive headlines. Sharethrough is one tool that can help you in this regard. It analyzes headlines and rates it based on linguistic algorithm to help you prepare the best headline that will attract the most number of readers.

Digital marketing tool 3:  Picktochart

As the old adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words. This remains true in the digital world. With the help of an image maker tool like Picktochart, you can create compelling images for use in your digital marketing campaigns.

This online image maker tool can help you in creating graphics and infographics and take your visual communication to the next level.

Digital marketing tool 4: SocialMention

SocialMention is a powerful tool designed for measuring impact, engagement, and influence of a brand online.  It pulls data from various social media services and gives you accurate and real-time information about your online business such as mentions and comments about your brand.