Three Online Marketing Lessons Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Three Online Marketing Lessons Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Online marketing is critical for start-ups and established businesses alike.  It is particularly important for small enterprise owners to have a solid understanding of digital marketing as it can make or break their businesses.

Below are three important online marketing lessons that every small business owner should be aware of:

1. Keyword research is critical in online marketing

Ask any digital marketing expert and chances are, he’ll agree that keyword research is the key to search engine optimization.  Before you even go deep into online marketing, you need to have a basic understanding of keyword research and use this to your firm’s advantage.

In keyword research, you can use Google Suggest in researching for the most popular keywords. The standard formula of typing the words ‘how to’ plus your niche term can help you determine the most relevant and appropriate keywords in your niche.

Another way to identify relevant keywords is to steal the keywords of your competitors especially those with a higher ranking in your local search engine result pages.

2. Content marketing boosts traffic

After implementing your keyword strategy, your online rankings should get a boost leading to higher online visibility. You can now shift your focus on content marketing to boost traffic. In creating content that will inform, inspire, and engage your target audience, remember to use your keywords. Your research keywords can guide you in crafting content that your audience will find relevant.

Moreover, it is important that your content is engaging. With access to numerous articles online that often deal with the same topic, it is easy for your visitors to migrate to other websites offering more valuable and engaging information.

3. Social media is key to marketing success

Social media is a huge platform that can generate leads, boost your business, and create brand awareness.  One recent survey showed that 90% of marketers say that social media marketing boosted their business exposure. Needless to say, you should use social media for marketing success.