E-commerce jobs and the future

How Small Businesses Can Compete with Ecommerce Giants

Will e-commerce Jobs be lost to robots?

With the advancement in artificial technology, there is always the question of robots taking away human jobs. Some people have stated that the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity itself. Robots with a much superior intellect have the ability to quickly take over humanity. Therefore there is the fear that it will start by robots taking away human jobs. Certain tasks where traditionally performed by humans are soon going to be performed by robots. Robots are definitely going to pose a threat to most e-commerce jobs in the near future. It will be impossible to keep your packaging job when a $10000 machine can actually work the same job. Driverless cars are going to take away the jobs for most of the delivery men. However, people have constantly stated that there have always been technological developments in Human History. This technological development resulted in the creation of new trades. However with the spread of technology, many fear there will not be enough time to educate people to perform new trades such as Artificial intelligence development. This kind of trades require a lot of knowledge and time to perform.

New e-commerce jobs

There might be an instance where existing jobs will become extinct and new e-commerce jobs will actually emerge. Such e-commerce jobs will become central to people’s livelihood. For instance, if you lose your driving job you could always switch trades towards an engineering job.

E-commerce jobs that might disappear next year

With the advent of driverless vehicles, driving cars are going to be extinct in the near future. Next year many uber drivers might find themselves without work as driverless cars hit the road. This is also true for delivery van drivers who work for courier companies such as DHL and UPS.