Common e-commerce scams

avoiding scams

Common e-commerce scams to avoid

Online scams are very common nowadays. There is no other place that is rigged with scams like the internet. However many people are now used to most scams on the internet. The West African scam such as the Nigerian prince has grown in popularity and people now understand it’s a scam. People are now coming up with more complex scams. There are certain scams that you will come across when you are using the internet. Some of the most common scams are targeted at sellers on marketplaces. Some scams are targeted at buyers. Buyers especially need to be careful as most scams are targeted at them. As an e-commerce buyer, you should try by all means to use well known and well-trusted e-commerce stores. You could hardly be scammed when buying your goods at an Amazon or Walmart online store. This is due to the credibility of the business. However, when it comes to purchasing your products on less well-known e-commerce websites you are mainly going to be scammed.

Common e-commerce scam on eBay

There are certain common e-commerce scams on eBay. The most popular one is now targeting sellers. This is when scammers try and trick the seller into sending them the product. What happens is that a buyer contacts you inquiring on the product that you are selling. They then ask for your email address. When you give them your email address they send a payment note pretending to have paid for the product. You unknowingly ship the product. This cam has been used on many eBay sellers. People are however starting to get used to the scam and becoming victims less. To avoid this scam you should never give anyone your email address over the internet. This prevents them from sending fake payment notification email.