Interactive emails

Three reasons why email marketing beats social media marketing

Interactive emails

Interactive emails are types of emails that are used for email marketing. Interactive emails are now a common practice in the online e-commerce marketing sector. They allow users to engage with the sellers through these online marketing methods. The best part about interactive emails is the engagement through emails between the seller and the customers. Email surveys can be categorized as interactive emails. For emails to be called interactive there needs to be some kind of interaction through swiping clicking or typing. Online surveys have become a common part of interactive emails. People nowadays conduct surveys in order to know how customers feel about their products. This is done through interactive emails. We could safely say that interactive emails are actually the future of the e-commerce sector.

Giffs in interactive emails

Giffs are very common in the social media sphere. They are now being used to create interactive emails. E-commerce businesses nowadays create interactive emails by using giffs. This use of giffs has been popularized by the pop culture. Therefore you should always remember to send your customers giffs during the festive seasons. Giffs have proven to be far more effective when it comes to marketing products and brands.  

Why you should use interactive emails

People are starting to be very creative when it comes to emails these days. If you want to stay ahead in the e-commerce sector you need to have plans for the interactive email marketing sector. There is no way you can stay ahead without being creative as far as email marketing is concerned. E-mail marketing encompasses a lot of interesting images and videos as well. There has been researching that interactive email marketing is far more effective than using static emails. The click-through rate of such emails is by far the highest. Interactive emails also have a higher conversion rate.