New technological developments


New technological developments

In this world that we live in there is constant innovation. This means that we are seeing more technology being developed than in any time in history. Some investors are now saying that it is impossible to hold a stock for life. This is due to the fact that the next great thing is just an innovation away. In e-commerce there has been constant innovations in both the e-commerce marketing and e-commerce payments. There is no doubt that PayPal introduced a certain payment method that is integral to e-commerce. That was very innovative back in the day. However now we see that PayPal is now being challenged by other financial technology companies such as stripe. This may be due to the fact that stripe offers certain services that are important to e-commerce business owners. There are now new technology developments in the horizon as e-commerce progresses.

New technological developments in delivery

There is no doubt that in the near future delivery will be administered by autonomous vehicles. This mean that Autonomous vehicles are going to be in the forefront of product deliveries in e-commerce. Many companies are already testing and developing autonomous delivery vehicles. Waymo, Tesla, BMW and ford all have autonomous delivery projects that are at an advanced stage. This new technology threatens to revolutionize the way we conduct e-commerce deliveries. Another technological development that threatens to change the way we do deliveries are autonomous drones. Although these developments are not at an advanced stage, autonomous drones seem be the way to go when it comes to delivering products.

New technological developments in manufacturing

Gone are the days we used to manufacture products in China. In the near future a majority of products sold in e-commerce are going to be manufactured by robots. This will drastically reduce the prices of the goods.