Three Effective Methods to Stop Common WordPress Attacks

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3 Methods to Stop Common WordPress Attacks

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world. But its sheer popularity attracts more than just users. Every day millions of attacks are made on WordPress sites, trying to exploit its vulnerabilities. But there are some simple ways to be safe from these WordPress attacks. Let’s check them out below:

1. Use Firewall and a Secure Host to Secure Your Site from WordPress Attacks:

Even though WordPress could be run either locally or via cloud, the latter is preferred from a security point of view. Even then, the choice of host is very important. A secure host will provide layers of protection like SSL encryption that would filter most of the attacks. Also, if everything else fails, the cloud firewall would still be there to stop the WordPress attacks.

2. Keep an Eye on Themes and Plugins:

Themes and plugins are a boon for most WP users. The former makes your website look cool, while the latter makes it more functional. However, downloading plugins and themes from a third-party source could be a risky move, since they can contain malicious code. Thus, even if you want a freebie, go with the developers who are trustworthy. Also, keep updating your plugins/themes regularly. Developers are periodically improving the code to protect against new WordPress attacks.

3. Install Stuff to Protect Self from WordPress Attacks:

Lastly, there are things you can install yourself to foil many attacks. Having a virus scanner would ensure that no virus travels between the host and your local system. A VPN is useful in many cases, especially when you want to encrypt the communication between computer and server, or when you don’t want your IP to be tracked by hackers.
Brute force attacks are the most common forms of attack, but there is an easy way to avoid this. Just install a plugin that limits the number of wrong login attempts, and brute force wouldn’t be problem anymore.
It’s really not that hard to protect your WP site from attacks, only if you know the right tricks.