E-commerce in 2019

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E-commerce in 2019

There are going to be a lot of changes in the e-commerce sector. One predicted change will be a drop in Amazon’s popularity on the internet. This will be due to new competitors entering the market. People also say that the tech bubble that has been created over the past 10 years is going to burst as the market restructures itself. If you haven’t noticed, there are many tech companies that are already overvalued in the stock exchange.

Some of these tech companies operate in the sphere of e-commerce. A large number of them are set to drop in value over the next months. E-commerce in 201 will be different due to the introduction of autonomous driving vehicles. These vehicles are set to change the way e-commerce deliveries are done. There are already a large number of companies which are developing autonomous vehicles. Some of the most common of these companies are Uber, Tesla Waymo and motor companies such as General Motors and Ford. These are set to make huge gains in terms of delivery vehicles next year. We are set to see an explosion of driverless vehicles in our streets.

E-commerce in 2019 in terms of payment

E-commerce payments are set to be revolutionized in the next coming years. This is due to new financial technology. In developing countries, fintech companies are developing payment methods that are designed for online payment. Prepaid payment methods are better suited for developing countries.

E-commerce in 2019 and the Chinese market

Due to US trade pressure that is levied on China , China is set to adopt a new policy of openness to foreign businesses. This is contrary to its previous attitude to foreign businesses operating in China. Chinese companies are going to face a lot of competition from foreign technological companies.