3d printing

3d printing

3d printing and the fourth industrial revolution

3d printing is ushering in a new industrial revolution. This revolution is centered around the fact that a lot of inventors now have the ability to produce their own prototypes and inventions with minimum waiting time and resources. What sets apart the fourth industrial revolution is the rapid advancement in computer technology and the availability of materials and knowledge like never before. Let us first look at what the fourth industrial revolution actually is. The fourth Industrial revolution is a name which is coined from the fact that there already was a first second and third industrial revolution. The first Industrial revolution was mostly influenced by the steam engine which was a remarkable breakthrough at the time.

3d printing Advantages

Innovation and testing your products has never been so easy. Nowadays inventors don’t need to wait for days in order to have a prototype ready, they can simply print any prototype on a 3d printer. The idea is to make innovation easy. 3d printing is creating growth in the fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution has been driven by 3d printing and the Artificial intelligence revolution. The idea that machines can learn and perform human-like tasks such as driving is a new phenomenon. 3d printing makes modeling and inventing easier. This means that almost anyone can now enter the fourth industrial revolution. One advantage of 3d printing is the fact that it is affordable. You can now literally buy a 3d printer from as little as $300. This makes 3d printing accessible to almost anyone.

 3d printing and artificial intelligence revolution

There is a link between 3d printing and artificial intelligence in this new Industrial Revolution. 3d printing has allowed computer and machine components to be created by individuals. This has created a system whereby machines can now perform tasks that were previously meant for humans only.