Website Redesign Portfolio Copy

Website Redesign Portfolio

This is our website redesign portfolio. Here you can look at the work we have done for our clients. As you can see, our website redesign services range from large businesses such as Crumbs and evolution of smooth, to smaller ones such as Jack Platt Law. There is no company too big or small for us to work with. To see the work we’ve done for the companies, click on the pictures for a more detailed description. There you will find the client’s requests, how we implemented their website’s needs, and the outcome of us redesigning their site.


For each site we’ve redesigned, we have fulfilled client’s individual needs. Redesigns we have implemented range from updating online stores and making websites dynamic, to helping companies grow their email list and increase their social media presence. Our redesign and development team will work with you to fulfill your website’s individual goals and needs.

Our approach has six phases: defining the project, planning the site, creating mock ups, website development, testing and launch, and maintenance. During the defining and planning phases, we focus on developing your site’s overall structure, and work closely with you to design the website of your dreams. Once this foundation is in place, and you are satisfied with it, our experienced staff will begin the necessary implementation of all needed changes. Finally, Union Square Design will stay committed to you after the job is launched and completed. Although it seems like websites are finished, they’re never truly finished. We understand that the Internet can be a quickly-changing place, therefore we’ll maintain, update, and continually improve the site we’ve built together.