Magento Patch Installation Service

What is a Magento Patch?

Magento periodically releases security patches, so users can update and protect their stores. Usually they do this about twice a year, and when released, the patches detail all of the potential issues that they are correcting. Each patch is like a system update; these patches prevent attackers and customer data stealing. When Magento releases patches, users should download them as quickly as possible; this will ensure your store is safe. After all, if you\’re running an online business you need to protect your customers\’ information as well. Magento users should take patches seriously to prevent any hacks or breaches in the system.

Magento Patch Installation Service

Magento Patch Installation

However, a Magento patch installation isn\’t like an iPhone update — it\’s more complicated than that. In fact, many clients who aren\’t too familiar with coding, technical jargon, or Magento, are hesitant about installing a patch themselves. If you don\’t have the best computer skills or experience with code it can take a while for you to complete the patch update. Reading forums and guides on how to install patches can be time-consuming.

That\’s why we offer Magento Patch Installation. You can save on time and effort as we apply the patch for you. This way, you can continue doing your own business as usual. We will do all the work, as fast as possible. Our experienced team is familiar with downloading and implementing Magento patches, so you can feel comfortable knowing your business will be in the right hands.

Our Magento Patch Installation service includes:

  • the application of the specific patch, and
  • a check-up of the patch, to be sure everything was correctly installed

This way, you can protect your store as soon as a patch comes out; you\’ll no longer have to worry about your store\’s security. If you\’re unsure about what patches you may need, head to to find out if your website is protected.

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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