Why Website Redesign Matters


The Internet is a rapidly changing environment — trends come in and out of fashion as website code is developed. Because of this, it is important to maintain and update your website constantly. Recently, User Experience has been the main focus of website design. How can users have the easiest experience while navigating the website? How can we design a site that is self-evident? Because there are thousands upon thousands of websites today, good user experience is what keeps people on a website. If your website isn\’t easy to use, visitors can easily find a better website to browse. Here are two main reasons why website redesign matters.


The look of a website is incredibly important. In fact, a well-designed website is more likely to be trusted than an older-looking one. Past that, even small, subtle differences, such as stock images vs. images you\’ve taken yourself can improve a website. People enjoy authentic-looking, unique designs. While most websites have a similar feel today, the uniqueness lies in images and typography. It\’s important to make your website stand out among your competitors. A good way to do this is to keep up with trends — for example, right now parallax scrolling and videos are popular. These are good tools to use to showcase your business.

Layout and Usability

A website\’s layout and usability coincides with the aesthetics. The design of the site should move the users\’ eyes to where you want them to click on. The navigation should be consistent on every single page and post. Links should look like links, menus should look like menus, and so on. All of this contributes to how easily a user can navigate across a page. The layout of a website is much like the layout of a house — everything should be organized in the best way possible, and all content on the site should have a purpose.