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Monthly Maintenance and Monitoring Package

The Monthly Maintenance and Monitoring Package is an optional service you can use to ensure your website\’s health and growth. What we\’ll do is monitor your site\’s performance, SEO, keyword position, and detect any bugs that may arise. This way, we can resolve any problems that pop up, as well as improve the overall performance of your site. Here are the categories for a more in-depth look at what we will be monitoring.

Monthly Website Audit & Monitoring

We will provide a monthly website audit. This includes monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on your website\’s health by checking the following:

  • Website Uptime — this checks to see if your site is ever down
  • Google Analytics — used to measure website data for visitor insight
  • Google Search Console — to track your website\’s position on Google search results
  • Bing Webmaster Tools —  to find out how well your website is performing

This monthly audit also includes our recommendations, and a plan of action, on how to improve the website. We offer this service and website optimization on a monthly basis, in the time agreed upon.


Website SEO Development

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a tool that allows us to improve a website\’s position on search engines such as Google. We will analyze your website on a weekly basis to correct errors and make improvements to ensure great SEO. We will also review and optimize your site\’s website speed as part of the optimization. To improve SEO we will address broken links, website errors, poor formatting, and more.

Keyword Position Tracking Report

Another part of SEO is keyword position tracking, which we will also report on. We will track keywords relevant to your website, and monitor their ranking and progress. We will also provide ideas on how to improve keyword ranking.

Social Media Monitoring & Report

This monitors all mentions on social media accounts, and provides a monthly report. This report will detail follower and fan information, response rate, impressions, and more.

Brand Monitoring Report

We will monitor all brand mentions and provide a monthly report. Brand monitoring is great for building better relationships with customers, finding out what people say about your company, and protecting your reputation.


Back-link Report

We will check all back-links to your website and provide you a monthly report. Back-links are links to your website from other websites. This way, you can see who is mentioning you in blog posts.

Phone Tracking (Optional)

For an additional fee, phone calls can be monitored for conversion results.