Union Square Design: Your Website Facelift

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What we Do

We redesign websites, and can give your website the face-lift that it needs. Our 6 step approach will shape your website into an effective and attractive business tool. After redesigning your site, you can expect greater search visibility, better user experiences, and an increase in trust from your customers.

Our approach has 6 stages:

  1. Defining the project — Here, we work closely with you to plan out the site 
  2. Planning the site — During this phase, we develop the site’s structure
  3. Creating mock ups — We’ll begin to create drafts of the website
  4. Website development — In this step, we put ideas into action and create the site
  5. Testing and launch — We’ll add in the final touches, and launch the website
  6. Maintenance — Afterward, we’ll work with you to look after the website

Find all the details of our Website Redesign Service and and for a more in-depth explanation, visit our Services Page.

Additional Services

When it comes to web design, websites are never truly finished. We understand that the Internet can be a quickly-changing place, therefore we’ll maintain, update, and continually improve the site we’ve built together. In addition to our website redesign services, we also provide additional services.

  1. Monthly Maintenance & Monitoring — The monthly maintenance & monitoring service keeps your website healthy and running smoothly. In addition to maintaining the site, we will monitor your ranking on search engines and social media platforms, and come up with executable plans to get your site noticed.
  2. Blog and Social Media Publishing — The blog and social media publishing service will help your business gain visibility on the web. We’ll provide you with search-friendly, well researched content with relevant keywords. In addition to this, we’ll create corresponding social media posts to each blog on multiple platforms.
  3. Magento Patch Installation — Our Magento Upgrade and Patch installation service is great for people who do not know how to code. Installing a Magneto patch is crucial to keep your online store secure, but it takes time and coding knowledge. 
  4. Meta Description Writing Service — Meta descriptions are an often overlooked, yet important factor in attracting visitors to your website. We can create unique, engaging meta descriptions for your site’s pages with the meta description writing service