Your Website Face Lift by Union Square Design


What we Do-old

Union Square Design will give the facelift for your website that it needs, and shape it into an effective and attractive business tool. Our three phase process – architecture, set-up, and support – is an approach that will get immediate results. After our team is done, you can expect greater search visibility, better user experiences, increases in trust from your customers, and a higher conversion rate.

During the architecture stage of the facelift, there will be major changes made to the appearance of your website. The site’s structure will be remodeled so that it becomes more logical and easier to use for visitors. This includes an overhaul of the site’s visual interface and fresh new image libraries that our staff can compile. Our virtuoso staff is highly skilled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so there are no redesign challenges that we can’t tackle.

The set-up phase is when we take all of the changes of the architectural facelift and make sure that they get the job done. Now is when we move forward with developing and testing the content to gauge where it stands. Afterwards, we’ll make all the necessary adjustments and refinements before the website re-launch.

Finally, there is the support stage. Although a facelift may buy you a few extra years of youth, like everything else it will eventually begin to fade and age. That’s why at Union Square Design, we help you update your facelift even after the set-up phase has been completed. We maintain, support, and update your new site so that it stays precisely that: new. Clients have already seen impressive results, such as jumps to the top of keyword searches, 200% increases in website traffic, and more than 10% increases in sales since their sites’ launches. You can feel confident that the facelift for your website will yield similar results.