Monthly Publishing Service Overview

The Monthly Publishing Service is a comprehensive blog and social media publishing package that we offer. This will help your business gain more visibility on the web. Both blogging and social media accounts are integral to websites these days — they allow the public to connect with you, and they also give your company a voice.

Blog Publishing Service

We will provide thoroughly researched, search engine relevant blog posts. These blog posts will improve your SEO, and use keywords that are relevant to your website. The blog provides you with a way to share your personal side. 

Blog posts will be:

  • 300+ words
  • SEO friendly
  • Keyword friendly
  • Easy for anyone to read and understand
  • Engaging and unique

Blogging is great for any business, because they attract more people to your site. The more blogs you create, the more pages and keywords your website will have. The more pages and keywords your website has, the more likely you’ll show up on search engines. This leads to more unique users visiting your website.

In addition to this, we will promote each blog through your social media accounts, to gain even more visibility.

Social Media Publishing Service

We will post relevant and captivating content to social media networks. In this package we offer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. The social media content will also link to the blog posts. Many companies have social media accounts today, since so many people use them. Social media is a great way to get your brand noticed, attract customers and clients, and build relationships. Much like blogging, social media posts are a good way to get people to your site. If you link your site to your Twitter, or tweet the links to your blogs, more people will notice those links. And if they’re interested, they can click on those links and share them to their followers as well. Therefore, social media generates website traffic.