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Photography Service

We believe, as many Internet users believe, that it’s better to take your own photos for your website, rather than using stock images found online.  That’s why we offer a photography service– so you can get professional photos of your products on your website. Let our talented team of photographers and graphic designers capture your products in their best light.

Why you should use Custom Photography

1. Connect More with Visitors

When you use your own photos of products, you connect more with your audience. For example, if you search “white t-shirt” you’ll find dozens of photos of white t-shirts — all different, and all on different models. Even if you are selling the same brand as another company, having your own photos is important. It lets visitors know you’re genuine. Real photos make your business more authentic, trustworthy, and personable.

2. Sell More with Professional Photography

If you’re selling something original on your website, it’s crucial to use your own photos. We can help you take professional product photos, so products can be seen in their best light. You can get creative with product photography as well — it doesn’t all have to be generic. These photos can help separate you from the rest of the competition.


Our Process

1. Order Online — Our pricing varies depending on the amount of products you’d like us to shoot.

2. Ship your Product(s) — Ship us your products so we can shoot them.

3. We’ll Shoot the Product(s) — Each product will be shot at various angles.

4. Download the Images — When we’re done, we will send you the downloadable images, so you can upload them to your website.

What our Service Includes

In this service we include:


  • Basic Retouching — All product photos will have basic retouching and color-correction. For e-commerce companies, all of the product images will have white backgrounds. This way they can be compatible with websites such as Amazon and Google Shopping.
  • High Resolution Photos — All of our images will be high-resolution so they can be downloaded and re-sized to whatever you need, without losing quality.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed — If you choose not to use our photographs, you will get your money back guaranteed.


For more information about our photography services and pricing, feel free to contact us.