Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

We’ve listed the top 5 reasons to use WordPress as your go-to platform. If you’re thinking of building a website for your company, choosing the right platform is essential. WordPress is easy-to-use and extremely popular right now. Here’s why.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

1. WordPress is free.

This convenience is great for start-up companies and established companies alike. Other sites can charge you just to sign up. But WordPress (WP) is an open-source software. This means that you can use and modify your WordPress site any way you like — but there might be extra costs for additional benefits. But one less main cost for you is always a bonus!

2. WordPress is easy to use.

There are plenty of guides and forums for users to help you get familiar with WordPress. And even better, WordPress employees can assist you with site setup. They also respond quickly to questions and concerns. Furthermore, the internet is full of WordPress how-to articles. Like most other WordPress users, you can easily master this platform.

3. WordPress is attractive.

WordPress has a clean, easy-to-read format. It’s crucial not to overwhelm your readers. This minimalist format draws in readers to your content — without burying what’s important. WordPress also updates their free fonts and themes often. Therefore, you can be assured your site will never look outdated, nor will it blend in.

4. WordPress is video-friendly.

Videos have become very popular for businesses. Posting one is a fun way to get across what your company is all about. In addition to that, WordPress also keeps up with video updates. As a result you can be sure that visitors will be able to access your video content without any glitches.

5. WordPress has great editing tools.

As your business grows and changes your website should too. WordPress makes doing this much faster and easier. There are a variety of editing tools: you can add pictures, videos, links, and more! Hence, you’ll be able to update in just a few clicks without needing any outside help.

In conclusion, there are more than just these top 5 reasons to use WordPress. WordPress is a great tool to use, and their thousands of users would agree. Their easy-to-learn platform makes creating a website much easier. And if that’s not enough, WordPress is also mobile-friendly.