What is Wireframing?

what is wireframing

What is wireframing? Well, this is something to know if you want to design a website. Wireframing lays out the foundation of the website. It is the structure of the page; it dictates where the text, headers, photos, etc. will appear when the website is finished.

What is Wireframing?

Wireframing is a method used to design a website at the structural level. It lays out the content of a page. Doing this is a way to look at how the user will interact with the page. Creating a wireframe early in the developmental process will establish the basic structure of a page. The designs and content are added later.

Basically, it is a sketch or blueprint of your future website. It’s a lot like architectural blueprints of a house. This is an important part of the web develop and design process.

Why is Wireframing Important?

Why is wireframing important? The first reason it is important is it establishes which information is important. The way most people view websites is in a F pattern. This means that people start viewing the website at the top left and move to the right. Then they move down and go from left to right again, but not as far as before. Knowing this, web designers can put all of the important information in that F pattern.

The next reason for using wireframing is it simplifies communication between you and whoever you are building the website for. Since wireframing lays out the 2-d structure of the website, no one will get distracted by colors or logos that the designer has created. So you and your client can discuss the layout of the website and what it will look like.

Wireframing is important because it acts as an outline for the design of the website. This tool is an integral for web design; here at Union Square Design we use wireframing for our clients.