Where to Get 3D-Printed Food

3D-printed food printer

3D-Printed food may be coming to a location near your soon. This process has picked up in the last couple years with the invention of 3D food printers, which are mostly being used in retirement homes and bakeries. But what about printing a full meal? It’s complicated, but it’s happening. Restaurants serving 3D-printed food have opened up. Here’s where to find them.

Food Ink. World Tour

Food Ink. opened up in London this past year, and it is the first all 3D-printed food restaurant. After the success of this, they’ve decided to embark on a world tour — bringing their printer, ingredients, and recipes with them. Their next two stops are in Barcelona, Spain and Berlin, Germany. But they’re planning to go everywhere: from Tokyo, to New York City, to Paris. For each location, they’re serving an 11-course meal. And not only the food will be 3D-printed — the utensils and furniture will be too! It’s an immersive experience. For all the people who are interested, but can’t attend, the events will be live-streamed online.

The Future of 3D-Printed Food

It doesn’t seem like 3D-printing food is going to be a passing phase. Some experts believe they will help minimize food waste. Others believe it will encourage people to try new foods. What’s good about the 3D-printer is that it can disguise certain ingredients into something appetizing. For example — insects. Most people would never want to eat an insect– but what if it looked and tasted like a cookie? That’d be much more palatable. 3D-printed food will be both nutritious, and more sustainable than the foods we eat now.

There are still many kinks to be worked out when it comes to 3D-printed food. But that isn’t stopping restaurants and bakeries from trying. Perhaps, in the distant future, 3D-printers will be the new microwaves.