Digital platforms

Digital marketing techniques that startup businesses can employ

Digital platforms for marketing

Now let us take a look at the digital platforms that are available for marketing. Although there are many digital platforms around only a few digital platforms are available for marketing. On the top of the list are google and Facebook. This is due to the popularity of these platforms. Digital platforms such as Facebook and Google have billions of users online. They are constantly innovating the way that businesses market their products and brands. However we shall also take a dive in some of the less common platforms. Some of the less common platforms are email marketing and using sites such as quora. The reason why these platforms are less common is due to the less number of users. Google marketing involves a lot of keyword marketing. This is why google analytics is commonly used for google marketing. This is by far the best way to know which keyword potential customers are constantly typing onto the search engine. Since google is by far the largest search engine tit would make sense to apply this form of marketing.

Digital platforms for free marketing

Most digital platforms that are used for marketing free of charge are social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat. In these platforms the only thing that you need is try and have a large audience. This means you need to spend a large amount of your time trying to grow your number of followers. The more followers you have, the better positioned you are to make a lot of sales. Email marketing is another digital marketing that comes free of charge when it comes to online digital marketing. The only downside is that you need to build an email list of people that might want to use your products. This takes a lot of time to do.