How to Download Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

How to Download the Older Version of Your WordPress Plugins

Since its inception, WordPress has vastly evolved. Although the WordPress plugins have become more advanced and effective, yet some outdated plugins still linger in the hearts of the users.
Apart from this, many users experience problems and bugs while operating the new versions of WordPress plugins and these bugs can be fixed if they switch back to the older version.
So here’s a list of how to obtain an older version of the WordPress Plugins:

1. Download Older Version of the WordPress Plugins from the Repository:

WordPress repository contains outdated versions of the current plugin and this is one of the best ways to retrieve the old version. In order to obtain the outdated version of the plugin, search the name of the plugin in the Repository search bar. After opening the plugin, open the “advanced view” of that plugin and you will find the older version of that plugin. You can now download this version.

2. Use GitHub to Download Older Versions of WordPress Plugins:

GitHub is also a very effective tool for obtaining an older version of the plugin you want. For this though, you will have to remove the current version of the plugin. GitHub allows you to use the tag feature to find the plugin you want to change or rollback to an older version. For using this tool, you will have to download the app and upload to your website. After which it becomes fairly simple to operate the tool.

3. Rollback WordPress Plugins:

This method lets you easily rollback to the older version of the plugin you desire. This plugin goes by the name of “WP Rollback” and is very effective. However, it is important that you take backups while operating this plugin. After installing this plugin you will be able to view a “rollback” option to every WordPress plugins you use. You can simply go back to the version of the plugin you want.


These are three best ways to obtain the older version of your current plugin. We hope it was helpful.