The rise of e-commerce

The Impact of AI on e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce entrepreneurship

Most people have a busy schedule. This is what has caused the rise of e-commerce entrepreneurship. Being able to sell products online gives people a certain level of convenience. Imagine a single mother who works a middle class job. They obviously need online revenue. This is where e-commerce comes in. However, e-commerce entrepreneurship has mainly been driven by the wide adoption of the internet. As people around the world started adopting the internet people noticed that there were profits to be made from selling your products online. The rise of e-commerce entrepreneurship has mainly been due to the technological innovations that have been made on the internet and through financial technology. Now that people are able to purchase and pay for their goods online there is now a sense of business ease.

The rise of e-commerce entrepreneurship through marketing

People around the world are always fascinated with new discoveries. This has led to a wave of online marketing. There are so many times when you are using a platform such as YouTube when you meet an advertising ad from a marketing guru who wants to help you sell millions of products online. The common narrative is the fact that these gurus initiate a sense to want to be your own boss. The only way you can become your own boss is through starting your own e-commerce business whilst keeping your day job. This creates a sense of independence and financial freedom.

The rise of e-commerce technology

Another cause of the rapid increase in e-commerce businesses has been a rapid growth in the amount of e-commerce technology. E-commerce technology depends a lot on technology from another sector. E-commerce technology has made it convenient for entrepreneurs to start businesses.