Office space for your business


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Getting office space for your business

In every small business, there is always the dilemma of finding office space. Every business requires a place to operate from. A large corporation which is listed on the stock exchange has large corporate headquarters. For a small business, it could be a challenge finding premises to operate from. For a very small business that focuses on e-commerce business that is location independent, it is better to start the business from your home. I will advise you not to spend a lot of money trying to find an office to work from. That could cost you a fortune. For instance, if you are running a one-man dropshipping business from your basement there is no need to find office space. However for an e-commerce business that generates 1 million dollars in sales a year and employs ten people there is definitely the need to find premises to operate from. It depends on the nature of the business.

Getting office space for a medium e-commerce business

A medium e-commerce business requires some office space to operate from. Therefore if you do your fulfillment services on your own I would advise you to find a warehouse. A small warehouse will do for starters. However, when your business starts growing I will advise you to find a much larger warehouse. Warehouses tend to have a lot of space and they are easy to manage. Office space in warehouses is actually very cheap when you compare it to office space in commercial districts like the CBD.  You need to choose a warehouse that is located close to residential areas. This will help in to facilitate deliveries and to find employees for your business.

Office space vs working from home

For small e-commerce businesses which concentrate on digital marketing, it is far cheaper to work from home and avoid the high bills. Office space is good for a much larger business that has many employees.