Cloud services

Cloud services

Cloud services has become a popular topic as large companies compete with each other in the cloud services business. There are now many cloud computing businesses that have joined late. However one of the most know cloud services business is Amazon web services which is usually shortened as AWS. However Amazon’s dominance in cloud services is now being challenged by other traditionally technology based businesses such as Microsoft and Google. Oracle is another B2B tech contender in the cloud services business. In this post we will concentrate on the importance of cloud services and their use in the e-commerce sector. Cloud computing is a new phenomenon around the world, however some cloud services have existed for a long time. This makes these cloud services a vital part of the e-commerce sector.

Cloud services in e-commerce

Cloud services in e-commerce are very important. Imagine if you had to create an entire server on your own. This task will probably be time consuming and cost a lot. This is where cloud services companies come in. They offer their services at a fraction of the cost for you to host your website or apps without worry about the cost of building an entire data center. This has led to a rise in the number of e-commerce businesses around the world. E-commerce businesses can start their online websites in a matter of minutes.  

Cloud services for small businesses

There is no place that cloud services are more needed than in small businesses that operate over the internet. This is due to the fact that small businesses do not have the budget to build modern advanced data centers. Therefore they have to rely on the cloud infrastructure offered by other companies. This benefits the small business by providing high quality standards at a low cost.