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Website Redesign Service

We employ a 6 step website redesign process to give your site the face-lift it needs. During the defining and planning phases, we work on developing your site’s structure; we work closely with you to design the website of your dreams. In the creation and development phases, we put ideas into action. Our experienced staff will create all of the redesign changes once the foundation is in place. Finally, Union Square Design will stick with you after we have launched and completed the site.

Our Clients

Monthly Publishing Service

The Monthly Publishing Service is a comprehensive blog and social media publishing package that we offer. This will help your business gain more visibility on the web. Both blogging and social media accounts are integral to websites these days — they allow the public to connect with you, and they also give your company a voice. 

Maintenance and Monitoring Package

The Monthly Maintenance and Monitoring Package is an optional service you can use to ensure your website’s health and growth. What we’ll do is monitor your site’s performance, SEO, keyword position, and detect any bugs that may arise. This way, we can resolve any problems that pop up, as well as improve the overall performance of your site.

Our Clients

Magento Patch Installation Service

Magento patches are periodically released and include security updates. You can save on time and effort as we apply the patch for you. Our experienced team is familiar with downloading and implementing Magento patches, so you can feel comfortable knowing your business will be in the right hands. Our Magento Patch Installation service includes: the application of the specific patch, and a check-up of the patch, to be sure everything was correctly installed.

Meta Description Writing Service

If you neglect to write a good meta description, then you really aren’t optimizing your site to it’s fullest potential. You could be missing out on website traffic to your site, if people are clicking elsewhere due to poor meta descriptions. That’s why we offer a service of writing meta descriptions for all of your website’s pages and posts. We can optimize your meta tags and titles for SEO purposes. This will result in a higher keyword rank on search engines.

Product Photography Service

We believe, as many Internet users believe, that it’s better to take your own photos for your website, rather than using stock images found online.  That’s why we offer a photography service– so you can get professional photos of your products on your website. Let our talented team of photographers and graphic designers capture your products in their best light.