Best Websites for Things to Do In NYC

Knowing the best websites to use for finding something to do in NYC is essential for locals and visitors alike. There is a large number of options for entertainment. If you have a tough time deciding where and what you’re doing for the weekend, you can quickly become overwhelmed by information. To make that choice easier for you, here are the three best websites for things to do in NYC.

1. TimeOut New York — An Overview of the City

This one is obvious — it’s the first Google result for “things to do in New York.” There’s a good reason for that. TimeOut provides a complete outline of noteworthy concerts, events, bars, and restaurants. In addition, they allow comments from site visitors. This way you get various perspectives on everything the site promotes. Although you may have been handed a print copy on the streets of New York, TimeOut’s website is still worth visiting.

Websites for Things to Do in NYC - TimeOut
TimeOut’s Homepage
2. Brokelyn — Best for Brooklyn Fans

As the name of the website suggests, this is where to go for less expensive options in New York’s coolest borough. The site uploads new event listings every day of the week, with detailed information about location and costs. In addition to that, Brokleyn provides visitors the opportunity to buy half-price tickets for some of these available events. They also offer a comments section to help you make your decision. Finally, Brokelyn features a bar guide, broken down by neighborhood. Therefore, you’re set no matter where you are in Brooklyn.

Websites for Things to Do in NYC - Brokelyn
Brokelyn’s Homepage
3. The Village Voice — The Height of NYC

This website is sort of the opposite of Brokelyn. Not everyone is looking to find the best pizza at 2 a.m. or indie basement concerts, and that’s fine. Rather, The Village Voice provides options for those who want to experience the very best of New York’s cultural spaces. This website is a mix of articles, reviews, and suggestions for events. If you feel lost, the event calendar is a great place to start searching for something to do.

Websites for Things to Do in NYC - Village Voice
Village Voice’s Art Calendar

While there are plenty of ways to find things to do in the city, searching the Internet is the best bet. And these websites ensure a great time no matter what. With a host of great pictures, detailed descriptions, and easy accessibility, these are the best websites for things to do in NYC.