4 Helpful Web Design Websites

web design websites

These web design websites have made coding much easier to learn. Here at Union Square Design we understand that writing code can be difficult and dull. But these sites provide step-by-step courses that allow the users to interact with the code the way professionals do. These websites give a beginners a foundation in web design.

1. Codecademy — The Most Popular Web Design Webite

Codecademy is the most well-known web design website. The site is completely free and it teaches in-depth frontend language (the part of the website you interact with) and backend language (the server and database). These two languages are important to learn. There is Codecademy Pro, which offers personalized plans for about $20 a month. But if you don’t want to pay, don’t worry. Regular Codecademy is probably the best interactive website for design beginners.

2. Code School — Many Coding Languages to Learn

Code School teaches more languages than Codeacdemy, which is great for practiced coders. You can work with the same languages in Codecademy, and also learn Objective C (the main programming language used by Apple for OS X and iOS) and Database language. These languages aren’t available on Codecademy. Their interactive lessons are also great. The only downside to Code School is you have to pay a monthly fee of $29. However, the site does have some free courses for everyone.

3. Khan Academy — The Basic Languages for Beginners

Khan Academy is a huge interactive learning website. In addition to web design there is art, history, math, and other subjects usually taught in school. The computer language side of Khan Academy is small at the moment. You can only learn HTML (a basic language for website creation), CSS (how HTML is displayed), and Javascript (which makes web pages interactive). While Khan Academy just has the basics for right now, it’s still essential to learn for beginners. And maybe one day they will have a larger curriculum. 

4. Treehouse — A Perfect Resource for Web Designers

Treehouse is a great website for people who want to become web designers. The website has interactive lessons, videos for iOS apps, and in-depth Javascript lessons. Treehouse is primarily geared toward training its users for a job in the field. But there is a drawback — you have to pay a monthly fee of $25.

While some of these web design websites have better content than others, and some you have to pay to use, they’re still great. They will give you an edge in the job market. And no matter what, you can learn to code!