5 Simple Tips for Web Usability

simple tips for web usability

Here are 5 simple tips for web usability that will increase your site’s efficiency. The most important thing to remember when designing a website is to keep it simple and clean. This is the greatest hurdle for new businesses to overcome. If you design your website the wrong way, less people will visit your site — looks are important online. So if you follow these simple tips for web usability, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Keep the Design Simple

Keeping it simple is sometimes harder than expected, especially if you are running a business with a lot of technical jargon. However, if you remain conscious of that fact, you’ll do fine. Just remember to try and not use words, phrases, and sentences that are not used in everyday language. And when you do, explain it thoroughly. This rule not only applies to language, but also to images and design in your website. If your website is cluttered with images, text, and links it will distract readers, so keep down the clutter.

Use a Consistent Layout

Consistency is the best policy when creating a website. We all want to break the mold, but sometimes convention is a good thing. For example: keep all of your text the same font. This won’t over-complicate the site. Also, make sure there is a difference in style (size, font, etc.) between page titles, links, and text. Don’t make people guess what they should be clicking on versus reading.

Include a Contact Page

Helpfulness is a good thing to think about when designing a website. Hopefully visitors to your site don’t have to contact you about any problems. But in case they do it is important to make that information clear and simple. Be sure to include a way for them to get in touch with you — a contact page is essential.

Avoid Easy Mistakes

Avoid easy mistakes when designing your website. The site should be designed to move the customers through it with ease. If there are mistakes it might lead them to some place they don’t want to go. So make sure that there aren’t any typos and that all of your links open up the correct pages.

Grow with your Business

When your business grows, make sure your website does too. Update it consistently. Watch for online trends, such as posting videos, and apply them to your site. Growth is going help your website make a greater impact on your business. 


If you follow these 5 simple tips for web usability, your website will have a better success rate. Whether your site is a blog, an e-commerce business, or simply a page to get your company on the web, the design is important. And remember: the easier the web usability, the more traffic your site will get.