3 Mistakes Web Designers Make

Mistakes web designers make

Here are 3 common mistakes web designers make when creating websites. Creating a website requires a significant amount of coding, and a lot of hard work.  Something that companies and creators might forget to do is to test out the entire website, looking for small issues, before putting it up. Here are the most common mistakes web designers make, that everyone needs to look out for.

Broken Links

The whole purpose of inserting a link is to have people click on it and go to another web page. This is pretty simple, however, it sometimes is forgotten during the design of the website. There are two broken link scenarios. In one, the link won’t be clickable, and the customer will get frustrated and leave. In the other, the link will take the customer to an Error 404 Page Not Found, which makes a website look unprofessional. So be sure to check and double check those links!

Web Pages with the Same Title

More than one web page with the same title is a bad move for Search Engine Optimization. This is because pages with the same name won’t rank as high in Google. This ranking is important because it influences how much traffic your website gets. One way to avoid this is to be really specific about the content on your page and make the title reflect the text.

Terrible Scannability

Most people don’t read, but scan when browsing a website. If your website is a big block of text people won’t stay very long. What you need to do is break up the text with images and colors that catch the customer’s eye. Changing the size of the font for titles is also a necessity. Be sure to use simple and clear text as well, in order not to confuse readers.


These may not seem like huge issues, but it’s the little problems that annoy web users the most. If you look out for these three common mistakes web designers make, your website’s usability will improve. And the easier the website is to use, the more that people will use it!