Why Blue is Popular in Web Design

Blue is popular in web design

Why is it that blue is popular in web design? Many social media companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn use it for their logos and website color schemes. And while social media uses it the most, there are many companies from financial firms to airlines that use blue as their main color for layouts as well. So, what makes blue so great?

Why Blue is Popular in Web Design

There are actually many reasons for blue becoming a popular color in web Blue is popular in web designdesign. One reason is that blue is a primary color, so it occurs naturally and is easier for the viewer to look at. This comes in handy, especially because computer screens can strain users’ eyes. Another reason is simply that most people like the color blue. Both men and women enjoy blue more than any other color — while more men prefer blue than women. There is also a psychological reason why people are drawn the color. According to Onextrapixel, the color conveys power without being evil or imposing. Along those lines the color also symbolizes intelligence, stability, and unity.

Additional Benefits to Blue

Blue is associated with tranquility and calmness. It has actually been found that blue has a calming effect on people when looked at. This is probably why so many e-commerce companies use the color blue for their websites. Why make your business seem threatening or intense, such as with the color red, when you can invite users in with blue? The tranquility and calmness blue gives off has health benefits, as it reduces stress.


Blue is popular in web designBlue isn’t just an aesthetic choice that just happened to be used by most of the leading corporations online. It was chosen because of its subtle power and health benefits for the company and user alike. So if you haven’t already chosen a color scheme for your business, you might want to go blue.