How to Design a Website

design a website for all devices

Here is a quick blog about how to design a website. Here at Union Square Design, this is what we do. While actually creating a site can take a while, here are some basic tips on how to design a website. If you’re looking to get into web design, knowing these steps are important. 

How to Design a Website

Websites are not too hard to make. What it takes is a web designer and probably a graphic designer. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to get someone who can do both. Once you’ve picked out your website’s platform (such as WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix) you’ll then need to think of the design. When choosing a platform you need to consider how much coding you want to do. Some websites, like Wix, doesn’t require you to code at all. Other websites may need you to code.

First, what you would do is start with wireframing. Wireframing lays out the foundation of the website. It’s sort of like blueprints for a house. This dictates how the viewer will see your website. Usually this is the time when people talk about F-Shape Patterns (which is a layout based on how people read a website), what fonts to use, and the color scheme you want. Then after these steps and discussions a sitemap is usually made. Sitemaps show graphically how the website’s links and pages work together. After this is done, you start building the site on the platform of your choice.

After this there are basic web design rules to follow, such as including search bars, headers, and company logos. Whether you are designing a website for your company, or just yourself, you need a plan. One final tip we have is to make your website available on every device, be it mobile, tablet, or computer. So with these tips, you can begin designing your site.