Pros and Cons of 3-D Printing

3-d printing

Here are some minor pros and cons of 3-D printing. One major hot topics in the tech industry is the 3-D printer. While 3-D printers are still relatively new, the technology is quickly changing and advancing. 3-D printers have been in the news a lot lately because of what they can print. Beside just printing pencil cups and other trinkets, 3-D printers have printed fully functioning guns. Others have attempted to print human skin for burn victims, and others have begun to print food. So 3-D printers have the ability to change laws, and make people’s lives better. 

Pros to 3-D Printing

If you’re someone looking into buy a 3-D printer for personal reasons, there are plenty of reasons to get one. First, the printer is easy to set up. It’s much like setting up an inkjet printer. This machine may seem difficult, but apparently it’s not too hard to learn. Second, the printers come in compact sizes. Even though some 3-D printers have printed guns and bikes, they don’t all have to be large and imposing. The third pro to owning a 3-D printer is that the machine is almost completely silent. So as you’re printing phone cases, it will hardly make any noise.

Cons to 3-D Printing

Even though the pros to owning a 3-D printer are great, there are also cons. The first con is that it takes a long time to print anything. So if you were expecting printing speeds like inkjet printers, unfortunately that isn’t the case. Second, you cannot change the plans to your model. So if you want to make last second changes to whatever it is you’re printing, you won’t be able to. The third con is troubleshooting. Because 3-D printing is so new there are not many experts in the field to help you if it breaks.

Overall, this new technology is fun and changing the way the world works. However, there are a few kinks in the system that you might want to watch out for.