Would You Need to Know About Hyperlinks


The Internet is very reliant on three languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are others, but these are the building blocks of the World Wide Web. The most important part of all of these languages is Hypertext. Hypertext is all text that you see on the Internet — it makes up HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the structure of the World Wide Web. Hypertext and Links, called hyperlinks, are one of the important structural parts of the Internet.

What are hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks create the World Wide Web. They do this as every page on the Internet links to another page, with a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are the words that are generally underlined in blue, that lead to other websites. Hypertext allows that to happen, because hypertext creates web accessibility. Hypertext doesn’t need to be read linearly, so it works with the way people navigate the Internet, which is at random. Web accessibility is extremely important to the success and growth of the Internet –links and hypertext have helped with that.

This is what a link looks like in hypertext

Good Link:

<a href=”http://www.yahoo.com“>

Bad Link:

<a href=”#” onmouseover=”dropdownmenu()”>Products</a>

Hyperlinks and SEO

Links can help a website rank higher on search engines. There are two different types of links. There are internal links, which connect two pages on the same website, and external links that connect two pages from different websites. For SEO, these links are important to get traffic to your site. Search engines scan the Internet to find websites; the more a website is linked to, the easier Google will find it. Therefore, if Google finds it, more people find your website, and the more traffic your site will get. 

Overall, hyperlinks are the reason we can travel from website to website in any order we want. It’s the reason Google finds relevant websites for whatever it is we search for. Hyperlinks are the backbone of the Internet.