Predictions on Web Design Trends for 2017

web design trends for 2017 -- a sitemap layout

2017 is approaching, leaving people wondering: What’s in store for web design next year? We’ve gathered some web design trends for 2017 that will most likely be seen throughout the year. Some of these trends are already being implemented now, and we only expect that to continue. Without further ado, here are our predictions.

1. Designing for Age

Next year, we’ll be seeing more websites catering their designs towards the age group they’re targeting. Much like online advertisements cater to the Internet user, websites should do the same thing. But how do you design a website to cater to an age group? Color schemes can change based on the user, as well as font size. These are just examples for the ways to implement this trend.

2. Creative scrolling/parallax

We’ve seen parallax explode in popularity this past year. As one of the web design trends for 2017, we expect even more parallax scrolling, with a unique touch. There will be additional interactions while scrolling, such as hover animations, and more functionality as well. It’s an innovative way of designing sites and holding the visitor’s attention.

3. Better Mobile Usability

Of all the web design trends for 2107, this should be the least surprising. Probably because this was a web design trend we saw in 2016 also. But this year we may be seeing websites designed first for mobile phones, and then for computers afterward. Designing this way will ensure less clutter on websites, and less unnecessary information.

4. More Website Animation

As brands move more towards story-telling in order to inject some personality into the company, animation becomes very useful. Animation is a great way to engage website visitors — whether a site is telling a story or simply animating a loading screen. Either way, it captures attention and keeps visitors on a website better than static images do.

These are the web design trends for 2017 that we expect to see the most. But who knows what the year will bring? There have been countless other predictions such as micro-mini interactions and more weather apps. We’ll just have to wait and see.