4 Successful E-Commerce Trends

chart growth -- successful e-commerce trends

Trends come and go, but over time certain trends can’t be called “trends” anymore. They turn into website standards; if you don’t follow the trends, you’ll get left behind. These are 4 successful e-commerce trends that are almost past the “trend” status.

1. Creating Responsive Websites

Of all the successful e-commerce trends, this one might be the most obvious. Mobile browsing, and mobile shopping, have become increasingly popular. Therefore, you need to adapt your e-commerce store to m-commerce. The more accessible your store is, the more sales you’ll make. In fact, experts have predicted that by 2017, mobile commerce will account for 50% of e-commerce sales.

2. Having Product Recommendations

Product recommendations and other personal touches are a good way to attract more business. For example, a user puts something into their cart, and 3 product recommendations pop up; that’s three items they might like to buy — three items they would have otherwise missed. Websites are becoming more user-centric — having product recommendations will only help your business.

3. Selling Unique Products/Services

Being a unique or niche business is easier than ever. Kickstarter and GoFundMe can help you start your business, or if you just want an outlet to sell goods, Etsy is as popular as ever. These helpful websites make selling your specialty products or services more feasible. People are looking for more personalized shopping experiences and goods, which is part of why Etsy has flourished over the years.

4. Great Usability/User Experience

You should work on measuring your website’s usability, to ensure that customers can easily shop around. We get used to the layout of our own sites very quickly, and can overlook potential usability issues. The customer’s experience will affect your site’s growth — the more that people like it, the more they will use it, and the larger it will grow. Therefore, if people find your e-commerce site difficult to navigate, they won’t return to it.

With these successful e-commerce trends in mind, you’ll be able to optimize your website in no time. Website upkeep is important in order to grow your business.