Great 404 Error Page Template Designs

404 Error Page Template -- numbers 404

Creating custom 404 error pages is something that is common on the Internet. If you haven’t made one already, you should definitely start thinking about it. Some are funny, some are smart, but all of them include navigational links to help users get back to the website’s homepage. That’s the most important part of creating a custom 404 error page. If you’re not sure how to make one, we’ve compiled a few great 404 error page templates for you.

1. Green Glossy 404 Error Page

This template is fairly straightforward. There is the error message, followed by a prompt to enter your e-mail address. There are also social media links at the bottom of the template. This allows users to visit one of these accounts, and get off the 404 error page. This 404 error page template is also free to download.

2. Modern Error Template

This 404 error page template is very informational. Along with the giant 404 numbers, there is a search bar so users can search for what they were looking for. There are also many navigational links: to the home page, to the about page, to the contact page, and more. You can customize these yourself. Social media links are at the bottom as well. This ensures users won’t leave your website just because they hit a 404.

3. 404 22 Page Template

This 404 error page template is very minimalist in design. They present visitors with two options: to go back to the page they were on, or to go to the homepage. Simple, yet effective for directing users out of that page. It’s worth noting that minimalism is a popular web design trend right now.

There are plenty of other 404 error page templates out on the Internet — but all of these are free to download. Overall, these templates are helpful for visitors stumbling across a broken link. A custom 404 page is great for getting visitors to stay on your website, unlike a normal 404 page.