4 Funny 404 Pages for Inspiration

404 pages, which are the “Page Not Found” errors you’ll see upon clicking a broken link, don’t have to be disheartening. In fact, they can be amusing and creative. We’ve picked out four funny 404 pages for some design inspiration of your own. These funny 404 pages sort of make the broken link worth clicking on. They give users something to laugh at, while pointing users in the right direction. Here is the list of funny 404 pages.

1. Hillary Clinton’s Funny 404 Page

hillary clinton funny 404 pages

If you click on a missing or broken link on Hillary Clinton’s website, you’ll be taken to her funny 404 page. It’s a classic GIF of her trying and failing to swipe her New York City subway card correctly. So if you’re not a fan of hers, you can laugh at her. If you are a fan of hers, you can laugh with her for this self-deprecating GIF. Overall, it’s pretty amusing and clever.

2. NPR’s Funny 404 Page

NPR funny 404 pages

NPR’s funny 404 page presents users with a few different options. There are helpful links, such as to return to the homepage; there are also funny links to articles they’ve written about other missing things. Amelia Earhart, 18 1/2 Minutes of Watergate Tapes, and The Lost City of Atlantis are a couple of them. Check it out yourself.

3. Bluegg’s Funny 404 Page

bluegg funny 404 pages

Bluegg is definitely capitalizing on the Internet’s love of goats. Their funny 404 page takes users to a looped video of a goat screaming like a human. It’s funny, and it’s cute. They also, thankfully, provide a link to get back to their homepage. So you can either stay there and watch the goat, or get out of there as quickly as possible.

4. Distilled’s Funny 404 Page

distilled funny 404 pages

Distilled’s funny 404 page takes users to a cartoon of two gentlemen having a conversation about how the 404 page could have appeared. It’s amusing, as they say things like, “old chap” and refer to coders as, “web butlers”. There are also navigational links at the top of the page, to guide users back to where they need to go.

Hopefully some of these funny 404 pages have inspired you to create one of your own. Remember, 404 errors don’t have to be a nuisance!