How to Create a Responsive Logo

old apple logo, not a responsive logo

An often overlooked, or rather, underappreciated aspect of web design is the versatility of the responsive logo. Today, we are surrounded by screens that tower over us in Time Square and conversely, fit in our pockets. How your company’s logo appears on a desktop should be as effective as it appears on your smartphone. Here are some tips to create a timeless, memorable and responsive logo.

Less is More

If you create a logo that is rich in detail it may appear clean on a desktop web page, but it will become blurred or cluttered when viewed on a mobile device. When designing a responsive logo, it should be adaptable enough to retain its meaning when scaled down or enlarged. You can achieve this through creating a logo that is both simple in design and direct in its message. Luckily, minimalist design has not only proven to be incredibly successful and memorable, but popular among contemporary web designers. For example, companies like Google and Instagram have been able to simplify their logos overtime without losing their identity. While Facebook and Skype have adapted to mobile viewing by shortening their logos to an “F” and a “S” respectively.

Make it Adaptable

Keep the scalability of your responsive logo in mind during the early design stages. Then it will easily adapt to new technologies that will challenge the display of the logo. When you are designing a responsive logo techniques such as stacking the design, reducing detail and removing wording that will only be blurred and cluttered when scaled down, are to be kept in mind. Logos become unsuccessful, distracting and forgettable when they over complicated and filled with subtleties. Apple’s initial logo was an intricate illustration of Isaac Newton resting under an apple tree. Realizing the downfall of the logo, Apple changed it to one that is nearly identical in design to its logo today.

While following these simple tips will enhance your responsive logo, every great logo begins with a design that maintains the message of your company through the many innovations it will experience.